Alexandre POHL

CNRS Researcher @ UMR 6282 Biogéosciences (Dijon, France)

As a paleoclimate modeler, I try to understand how and why Earth’s climate changed in the past, especially in the deep time during pre-Cenozoic times, using a wide variety of numerical models. I currently focus on the co-evolution of marine Life and the physical environment at the geological timescale. My primary tool is the cGENIE Earth System Model, which I sometimes couple with marine biodiversity models.


Nov 29, 2023 📚 Nature News and Views relative to the great study by Salles et al.
Oct 10, 2023 📚 Cooling oceans did trigger Ordovician Biodiversification: just out in NatCom.
Aug 21, 2023 📚 Cambrian-Ordovician extinctions due to paleogeopgraphy and climate – in Science Advances: here.
Jun 14, 2023 👤 3-year post-doc position in deep-time climate modeling opening at Univ. Leicester (UK): more info here.
May 10, 2023 🚆 Looking forward to the Life and Planet meeting in July in London.
Apr 23, 2023 ✈️ Co-convening two promising sessions at EGU 2023 – more info here and there.
Aug 17, 2022 📚 Continental configuration controls ocean oxygenation during the Phanerozoic – in Nature.
Jul 20, 2022 📚 Explaining the long-term Ordovician cooling is not easy – new EPSL paper here!
Jul 12, 2022 📚 Revisiting Sepkoski’s curve with a spatial-temporal biodiversity model – available in Nature!
Mar 28, 2022 @ The website of the French Deep-Time Paleoclimate Modeling Group is now online – enjoy!
Feb 9, 2022 ✈️ Spending the week at UC Riverside for the annual cGENIE-muffin symposium.
Feb 1, 2022 🎉 Now working as a permanent researcher in the Biogéosciences lab in Dijon (France)
Nov 2, 2021 📚 Anoxia not responsible for Late Ordovician Mass Extinction (LOME) 2 – published in NatGeo!
Oct 31, 2021 📒 Preprint for our manuscript by Cermeno et al. under evaluation at Nature available on ResearchSquare.
Oct 14, 2021 📒 Preprint for our manuscript under evaluation at Nature available on ResearchSquare.